Fiction & Poetry


“Nesting” on Queen Mob’s Teahouse

“The Rose Spinster” on Pom Pom

“Seven Drops Of Salt Water” on X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine

“Lust Fish” on Deep Overstock

“Mending” on Adolescent


“In Your Dark Garden” in Deep Overstock

“West” in Deep Overstock

“If I Open” in Bodega Magazine

“Creature” in SUSAN / The Journal

“when I was a girl” in Deep Overstock

“Ghost Hotel” in Deep Overstock

“Slow Opal” and “What Salt Is Good For” in 1001 Journal

“Lovers Who Unlearn Me Love Me Best” and “Shadow Negotiations” in Angel City Review

“Gestation” and “Dharma Talk” in -Ology

“Underneath The Ruddy Tide” in Glass Kite Anthology

“Beauty Routine” in The Riveter Review

“Fever” in Pith 

“Marine Layer” in Devilfish Review

“Amphitrite” in East Jasmine Review

“still” in Spires

“The Dive” and “Worm Secrets” in Umbrella Factory

“View From A Vegas Hotel Suite” in Eunoia Review

“Abstract Art” in Chaparral

“Dharma Talk” in Westwind

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